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Unisex White Belted Leather Jacket-- The Must Have Item for Every Fashionista

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This amazingly designed white belted genuine leather unisex jacket is what you should have in your wardrobe. A white jacket is undoubtedly must have item for not just women but men as well. Who says that men cannot make a style statement of their own? In this age and time when competition is so much, fashion is changing at a rapid pace and cultures of the world influencing clothing styles so much, white leather jacket is evergreen. No matter how much time passes, this extravagant white jacket will stay in fashion and you will always feel like a trend-setter whenever you wear it.

As evident, the jacket is designed with a lot of attention to details. From every angle you will notice something different. At the same time, the jacket is highly practical as well. The belt adds to the touch of style and brings that perfect fit according to your body shape. Without the belt, it would not have looked as elegant and stylish as it is now. Made from 100% genuine leather, the jacket promises to be warm, comfortable and attractive. Use of YKK Zippers, which are regarded as the highest quality zippers across the globe, guarantees maximum life and ease-of-use for the users. You may wear it all the day you won’t be feeling uncomfortable or uneasy at all for its lining fabric is very soft and wearable.

People from every age group can buy this elegant white belted unisex leather jacket. There are in total four pockets on the front side, which is yet another attraction for those workaholics who need to maintain perfect look and have to carry along multiple items such as mobile, wallet, keys and cards, etc. You can keep it all safely in the pockets as these are big-sized and quite accommodative.

The stitching is this jacket is simply flawless.it will make your body shape appear slimmer and fitter. The color white actually is known for making the wearer look trimmed and toned. It not only is the color of all seasons but also the color that enhances your facial complexion instead of dulling it and also makes you look taller and glowing. White color suits everyone whether tall or short and fair or dark colored. So buy it without any confusion in your mind as it will definitely be a great addition to your wardrobe. The jacket offers maximum value for your bucks.

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